Our Privacy Policy

  • Our Privacy Policy
    1. GiveToView will never share any of the videos you create without your permission as granted during the upload process on the registration form.

    2. Neither the Charity you are raising money for nor any other Charity will be able to share your video without your permission (as granted during the upload process on the registration form). However, Charities may obtain the link to your video indirectly and not through private access to the administrative functionality of the site. As a result, GiveToView does not have complete control over Charities sharing videos and cannot be liable for charities acting against the wishes of the Content Creator in this regard.

    3. Charities have access to the email addresses of everyone creating content on their behalf and can see how much this content has raised even if they are not able to view and share said content, having not been given permission to do so. Permission for Charities to contact Content Creators is granted as a condition of use of the site even if Content Creators have denied Charities permission to view and share their content.

    4. GiveToView will never share your email address or any information about your fundraising activities without your permission. GiveToView reserves the right to contact you to obtain permission to share one or the other or both.

    5. GiveToView reserves the right to contact you with regard to any changes in Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions or with site news and in the event of a specific fundraising initiative.

    6. GiveToView cannot be responsible for friends and family members or people, with whom you share your video, sharing it with others as it has no control over this matter and, as a result, is not liable for any consequences resulting from this eventuality.

    7. GiveToView will treat all communications with Content Creators and Charities as confidential and will not share any information contained therein with third parties unless specifically requested and granted permission.

    8. GiveToView is required to share names and addresses of Donors with recipient Charities to enable them to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation. For this reason, names and addresses of Donors are passed on to Charities. As a Donor you are able to specify your desire not to be contacted by the recipient Charity when you make your donation. All member Charities have agreed to act in accordance with this policy. However, GiveToView is not legally liable for any Charities acting against your wishes in this respect.