• ABF The Soldiers' Charity

    We are The Soldiers’ Charity. We give lifetime support to serving and retired soldiers and their families. They risk so much for us, but for them, it’s just doing their job. In return, we provide financial assistance when they are in real need.

    ABF The Soldiers' Charity Upload
  • AfriKids

    AfriKids is a child rights organisation working in northern Ghana to alleviate acute child suffering and poverty. Our approach is innovative and sustainable, with community development projects designed to tackle complex cultural and social issues that infringe on children’s rights. All of our projects are locally owned and delivered in a holistic, effective and sustainable manner.

    AfriKids Upload
  • Alongside Africa

    Alongside Africa is a UK-based charity committed to a world in which every person has the opportunity to earn a living. Our strap line of opportunities, not aid recognises the right of marginalised & disadvantaged communities to take responsibility for their own development & for this to be achieved with dignity & self respect, critical factors that can be lost when only aid is provided.

    Alongside Africa Upload
  • Amnesty International UK

    We're a movement of ordinary people from around the world standing up for humanity and human rights. We're a movement that produces extraordinary results. Prisoners of conscience are released. Death sentences are commuted. Torturers are brought to justice. Governments are persuaded to change their laws and practices. Our achievements have a huge impact on the lives of individual people.

    Amnesty International UK Upload
  • Anaphylaxis

    The Anaphylaxis Campaign is the only UK wide charity to exclusively meet the needs of people at risk from severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). Our aim is to create a safe environment for all people with allergies by educating the food industry, schools, colleges, health professionals and other key audiences. Our focus is on medical facts, food labelling, risk reduction and allergen management.

    Anaphylaxis Upload
  • Animals Asia

    Animals Asia is devoted to ending the barbaric practice of bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals in China and Vietnam. We promote compassion and respect for all animals and work to bring about long-term change. Today, Animals Asia has rescued over 400 bears, caring for them at its award-winning bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam.

    Animals Asia Upload
  • ARME's Beagle Freedom Project

    The Beagle Freedom Project is a mission to rescue beagles and other animals used in animal experimentation in research laboratories and give them a chance at life in a loving forever home. For more information on how you can help, please visit our site.

    ARME's Beagle Freedom Project Upload
  • Barnardo's

    Barnardo's believes in the potential in every child and young person, no matter who they are, what they have done or what they have been through. We work directly with over 200,000 children, young people and their families throughout the UK every year. Our work includes counseling for abused children, fostering and adoption services, vocational training and disability inclusion groups.

    Barnardo's Upload
  • Battersea Dogs And Cats Home

    Battersea Dogs & Cats Home believes that every dog and cat should live in a home where they are treated with love, care and respect. We reunite lost pets with their owners or care for them until new owners can be found. Our expert team of trainers and veterinary staff give all the animals in our care the best possible chance of a fresh start.

    Battersea Dogs And Cats Home Upload
  • BBC Children In Need

    BBC Children in Need provides grants to projects which focus on helping children and young people who are disadvantaged. Our goal is to help them have a safe, happy and secure childhood which gives them the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential. We work throughout the UK in support of large and small organizations with the same goal.

    BBC Children In Need Upload
  • Brain Tumour Research

    We are the only national charity in the UK dedicated to funding continuous and sustainable scientific research into brain tumours. We are striving to fund a network of seven research centres in the UK whilst challenging the government and larger cancer charities to invest more in brain tumour research to find a cure for brain tumours.

    Brain Tumour Research Upload
  • Burghley Road Play Space

    Burghley Road Play Space has been serving the children and families of North London since 1992. We’re entirely volunteer run and offer drop-in, stay and play for under 5s. This includes a range of activities for children as well as a support network and training for parents and carers. With everything from baby groups to cooking classes, we provide a relaxed, safe and stimulating environment indoors and out.

    Burghley Road Play Space Upload
  • Bush Theatre

    The Bush Theatre is a world-famous home for new plays and an internationally renowned champion of playwrights. We discover, nurture and produce the best new playwrights from the widest range of backgrounds, and present their work to the highest possible standards. We look for exciting new voices that tell contemporary stories and we champion work that is both provocative and entertaining.

    Bush Theatre Upload
  • CALM

    The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) was set up to reduce the high suicide rate amongst men under 35, currently the single biggest killer of young men in the UK. We provide a helpline, website and a magazine for men of all ages. When they hit a wall or life gets on top of them many men don't know where to turn. That's what we're there for. It’s all free, anonymous and confidential.

    CALM Upload
  • Cancer Relief UK

    Cancer Relief UK was set up in 2008 to assist cancer sufferers experiencing financial hardship. We provide funding for things like wheelchairs and morphine pumps and help families cover the cost of some well-deserved R&R together. When possible, we contribute towards the high cost of medical treatment through individual appeals. Please help us continue this work.

    Cancer Relief UK Upload
  • Cecily's Fund

    Cecily’s Fund is a small, efficient, UK registered charity that enables thousands of Zambian orphans to access education - providing the opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty and poor health into which they were born. Our vision is of a Zambia in which every child is educated and grows up to lead a self-reliant, healthy, fulfilling life and play an integral part in Zambia's development.

    Cecily's Fund Upload
  • Centrepoint

    Centrepoint is the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people. Every year it provides housing and support for a thousand 16-25 year olds, helping them into work and a home of their own in order to give them a better future. Centrepoint works in London and the north east of England and collaborates with similar organisations throughout the UK.

    Centrepoint Upload
  • Chain Of Hope

    Chain of Hope provides children suffering from life-threatening heart disease with the corrective surgery and treatment to which they do not have access. Chain of Hope does this by establishing sustainable cardiac services in developing countries, providing equipment and sending out medical teams to train local staff, and by bringing children to the UK or our partner hospitals for operations.

    Chain Of Hope Upload
  • Creative Youth

    Creative Youth is a charity born of The International Youth Arts Festival which was set up in 2008 to showcase youth arts of the highest quality. In five years we have made considerable strides towards creating a festival of national importance. In late 2010, the charity changed its name to reflect the year-long programme of work now undertaken, culminating in and celebrated by the annual festival.

    Creative Youth Upload
  • CWAC

    Children with AIDS Charity, also known as CWAC, was set up in 1992 to assist children and young people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, helping them to maintain a good quality of life through the relief of poverty and distress.

    CWAC Upload
  • Delete Blood Cancer UK

    Every 20 minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer. We are committed to increasing the number of potential stem cell donors in the UK, so that there is a donor for everyone who needs one. We depend entirely on voluntary donations to encourage anyone who is eligible to register as donors and may one day be called upon to save a life.

    Delete Blood Cancer UK Upload
  • East African Playgrounds

    East African Playgrounds is a unique charity that sees works in development in a different way. We train young men and women to become highly skilled welders, builders, cooks and play workers in our two workshops in Uganda. Using their skills and the help of volunteers from the UK they build playgrounds and run arts and play programs for communities, schools and hospitals all over Uganda.

    East African Playgrounds Upload

    ECPAT is the UK's leading authority on the welfare and protection of children and young people who have been trafficked into, around and out of the UK for sexual exploitation, forced labour, domestic servitude and forced criminality. We are a small, hard-working team, dedicated to making real changes in the lives of vulnerable young people though direct support, training and campaigning.

    ECPAT UK Upload
  • Emmanuel International

    Emmanuel International has a proven record of commitment, care and compassion in meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of people regardless of their race, gender or religion. We go to some of the most deprived areas in the world. Our projects build self-reliance and dignity. They meet basic needs and use simple technology that’s easy to replicate in order to make a lasting difference.

    Emmanuel International Upload
  • Farplace Animal Rescue

    Farplace Animal Rescue helps animals rejected elsewhere like feral cats who are FIV+ (who we care for in our cat hospice), elderly animals and animals with pre-existing health problems. Please help us do more for the animals that others turn away.

    Farplace Animal Rescue Upload
  • Fight For Sight

    Fight for Sight has been funding research into blindness and eye disease for more than 40 years. There has been major progress in this time but there is still much more to do.

    Fight For Sight Upload
  • Greenpeace

    Greenpeace protects the natural world by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse and championing environmentally responsible solutions all over the world. Our work includes the protection of the Arctic, ancient forests, oceans and other fragile ecosystems in danger from industrial exploitation.

    Greenpeace Upload
  • Hamilton Lodge (Brighton)

    Hamilton Lodge (Brighton) provides specialist teaching and care for our deaf students who come from across the south of England and beyond. Our child centred communication approach supports the development of both English and British Sign Language. We place a strong emphasis on helping our students to overcome barriers by preparing them for adult life with independence and employment skills.

    Hamilton Lodge (Brighton) Upload
  • Health Poverty Action

    We specialise in providing basic, life-saving healthcare in places where conflict, oppression and poverty are denying people their right to life and health. We currently work in 13 of the world's poorest countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and 95% of our overseas staff come from the cultures and communities they serve.

    Health Poverty Action Upload
  • HOOP

    Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty in impoverished communities in Arequipa, Peru. Our mission is to empower disadvantaged children and their families. We are a non-governmental organisation working in partnership with the community to create a lasting impact by providing free education, social and health programs. Check out our latest projects on our website.

    HOOP Upload
  • Hope For Children

    Hope For Children (HOPE) works towards a world where children’s rights are realised and they can reach their full potential. We identify disadvantaged children and communities by working with local partners. Our goal is to build a sustainable future for them. By collaborating and learning together, we aim to help as many children as we can and give them the childhood that every child deserves.

    Hope For Children Upload
  • Hope For Justice

    Hope for Justice identifies and rescues victims of human trafficking, advocates on their behalf, provides restorative care which rebuilds lives and trains frontline professionals to tackle slavery. From five offices across three continents we operate a proven multi-disciplinary model based on years of combined experience.

    Hope For Justice Upload
  • Irish Chaplaincy In Britain

    The Irish Chaplaincy in Britain was established in 1957 to serve the welfare, social and spiritual needs of Irish emigrants in Britain. The Irish Chaplaincy provides culturally appropriate frontline services and support to excluded, vulnerable and isolated Irish emigrants free of charge. We work with and advocate for prisoners and their families, Irish Travellers, and elderly Irish emigrants.

    Irish Chaplaincy In Britain Upload
  • Isabel Hospice

    Isabel Hospice provides the highest possible quality of life for our patients in East Hertfordshire through a wide range of services delivered by staff and volunteers at the patient’s home, one of our Day Service locations or at our In-Patient Unit. Care is free to patients and their families. The hospice is part funded by the NHS but depends on charitable donations to continue its work.

    Isabel Hospice Upload
  • JDRF

    JDRF is the world's leading charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research; funding research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes. Globally, JDRF has invested £1 billion in funding critical research to improve the lives of those living with type 1.

    JDRF Upload
  • Just A Drop

    Just a Drop is a water aid charity with a very simple plan: to give people clean water. We provide clean water & sanitation facilities to some of the poorest communities in the world through the construction of wells, boreholes, pipelines & latrines. To date, we have carried out over 130 projects across 31 countries, reaching an estimated 1.5 million people from Afghanistan to Zambia.

    Just A Drop Upload
  • Karama Connection

    Karama Connection supports children affected and infected with the HIV virus in Arusha, Tanzania.

    Karama Connection Upload
  • Kith And Kids

    Kith & Kids is a London based charity that supports families who have children with learning disabilities or autism. We provide volunteer-supported activities, opportunities, information and support for people with a learning disability or autism, their parents and siblings. Our aim is to empower the whole family to overcome social isolation and live more fulfilled lives.

    Kith And Kids Upload
  • Lennox Children's Cancer Fund

    Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund primarily aims to make a positive difference to the lives of children suffering from cancer or leukaemia by offering practical, financial and emotional support to the whole family. The Lennox prides itself on the assistance it is able to offer to families when they need it most.

    Lennox Children's Cancer Fund Upload
  • Lepra

    Lepra is an international charity fighting disease, poverty and prejudice. We focus on people affected by some of the world’s most neglected diseases, including leprosy and lymphatic filariasis. Although leprosy is entirely curable millions of people are still affected by this disease. We work to ensure their health needs are met and support them to improve their lives and livelihoods.

    Lepra Upload
  • LLGS

    The London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard provides a range of services for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Our fully trained volunteers offer support and information on any subject to do with sexuality via a helpline, instant messaging and email. They don’t tell you what to do or judge you and won't tell anyone else about what you talk or write about.

    LLGS Upload
  • London Legal Support Trust

    We believe in fair access to justice for all. We are a small team, working for the many vulnerable people in need of free legal advice in London and the South East. The need for this support is growing and is vital for so many including people who are disabled, have been trafficked or find themselves homeless. We are working harder than ever raising money at our events to support these services.

    London Legal Support Trust Upload
  • Lyme Disease Action

    We are a small national charity making a big difference in the UK. Run entirely by volunteers, we campaign to raise awareness amongst both doctors and the public by producing high quality, trusted leaflets and an informative website. We have co-produced a doctors training course with the Royal College of General Practitioners and are now accepted as the foremost Lyme disease charity in the UK.

    Lyme Disease Action Upload
  • Lymphoma Association

    Being diagnosed with lymphoma may be the most difficult experience patients and those close to them have ever faced. People learn to cope in different ways and finding the most appropriate source of information and support for people, as individuals, is extremely important. The Lymphoma Association is the only UK charity solely dedicated to supporting them through a range of free services.

    Lymphoma Association Upload
  • Macmillan Cancer Support

    One in three of us will get cancer and it’s the toughest thing most of us will ever face. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, or a loved one has, you’ll want a team of people in your corner supporting you every step of the way. We provide practical, medical and financial support and push for better cancer care. We are Macmillan Cancer Support.

    Macmillan Cancer Support Upload
  • MAG

    Each day, 9 people are killed or suffer horrific injuries because of landmines and other explosive weapons. Almost half are children. MAG finds and destroys these weapons to save lives and make land safe for people to grow food, build homes and access essential facilities like schools and hospitals.

    MAG Upload
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres

    MSF puts doctors, nurses and surgeons where they are needed most. Since 1971 we have helped millions of people caught up in disasters and emergencies and have spoken out about what we have seen.

    Medecins Sans Frontieres Upload
  • Mental Health Foundation

    The Mental Health Foundation is a UK charity that campaigns for good mental health for all. Prevention is at the heart of what we do. We inform and influence the development of evidence-based mental health policy at the national and local government level. In tandem we help people to access information about the steps they can take to reduce their mental health risks and increase their resilience.

    Mental Health Foundation Upload
  • Our Sansar

    Our Sansar help some of the world’s poorest communities to lift themselves out of poverty. We provide access to basic services and education in places that would otherwise receive little or no outside help. In some of the most deprived parts of Nepal, we care for, shelter and educate street children who would otherwise have to live by their wits and be vulnerable to exploitation.

    Our Sansar Upload
  • Pancreatic Cancer UK

    Pancreatic cancer is a tough one but we’re taking it on. We are supporting those affected by the disease, investing in ground breaking research, lobbying for greater recognition of pancreatic cancer and being a voice for everyone involved in the fight. Together we are taking on pancreatic cancer.

    Pancreatic Cancer UK Upload
  • ProjectScotland

    We are a charity that helps young people aged 16 to 30 to get on in life by volunteering full-time with a Scottish charity. We partner with hundreds of Scottish charities to create quality volunteering placements in Scotland. This year we will place 900 volunteers.

    ProjectScotland Upload
  • Pump Aid

    Pump Aid is a small international charity working on water, sanitation and hygiene projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Our aim is to help end water poverty in Malawi and beyond. Our main technology is a modified rope and washer pump, which is low cost and easily maintained sustainable technology. We train local community facilitators to educate and create awareness of good hygiene practices.

    Pump Aid Upload
  • San Antonio Pets Alive!

    San Antonio Pets Alive! is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the number of dogs and cats euthanized in San Antonio. We focus on pets at the city shelter with no other options. Through programs like our neo-natal kitten nursery, parvo ward, and trauma services, we get them healthy and ready to be fostered or adopted. Our efforts have resulted in 23,000 lives saved since 2012!

    San Antonio Pets Alive! Upload
  • Save The Children

    Save the Children works tirelessly to help children in 120 countries around the world. We save children’s lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfil their potential. We save children from disease, hunger, disaster and poverty by providing food, water, healthcare and education. We've changed millions of lives for the better. With your help, we can change millions more.

    Save The Children Upload
  • Save The Rhino International

    Save the Rhino International works to conserve all five rhino species in Africa and Asia. We recognise that the future of wildlife is inextricably linked to the communities that share its habitat. By funding field projects and through education, our goal is to deliver long-lasting and widespread benefits to rhinos and other endangered species, ecosystems and to the people living in these areas.

    Save The Rhino International Upload
  • School Food Matters

    Our mission is to ensure that every child enjoys fresh sustainable food at school and understands where their food comes from. We listen to schools, parents and children and urge local authorities to improve school meals and to support food education through cooking, growing and links with local farms. We also offer a Membership for Schools programme for schools that value a great food ethos.

    School Food Matters Upload
  • Shine

    The complex physical and cognitive disabilities, spina bifida and hydrocephalus, affect more than 12,000 people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and have a significant impact on daily life. Spina bifida, Hydrocephalus, Information, Networking, Equality - SHINE - is the only national charity providing practical support to help individuals and families affected by spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

    Shine Upload
  • Solace Women's Aid

    Two women are killed each week in the UK by a partner/former partner. Women & children's lives can be blighted by depression and anxiety forever because of abuse. Domestic & sexual violence is a serious social problem that Solace Women's Aid is committed to changing. In London we support over 5,000 women and children each year to be safe and recover from trauma. Support us and change a life today.

    Solace Women's Aid Upload
  • TFM's Cash For Kids

    Cash for Kids is the official charity of TFM and Magic 1170. Every year it raises hundreds of thousands of pounds for local children and young people who are suffering from abuse or neglect, who are disabled and have special needs, or who simply need extra care and guidance. All the money raised stays right here in Teesside, providing a helping hand when and where it is needed most.

    TFM's Cash For Kids Upload
  • The Big Issue Foundation

    The Big Issue Foundation is a small, national charity for people who are homeless. We give opportunities to some of the most disadvantaged and excluded individuals in the country and help people who have lost their homes, their families and their place in the world to rebuild their lives. We urgently need your help to offer more support and more hope for the future.

    The Big Issue Foundation Upload
  • The Bradford Bulls Foundation

    The Bradford Bulls Foundation is the official charity of the Bradford Bulls Rugby League club we provide positive activities and experiences to adults, children and young people regardless of gender, religious belief, cultural heritage or abilities. The pillars we are firmly founded on are Sport, Health, Education, Social Inclusion, Arts and Culture and Heritage.

    The Bradford Bulls Foundation Upload
  • The Brain Tumour Charity

    The Brain Tumour Charity is the UK’s pre-eminent brain tumour charity. We fund scientific and clinical research into brain tumours and offer support and information to those affected, whilst raising awareness and influencing policy. Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40. We’re dedicated to beating this devastating disease.

    The Brain Tumour Charity Upload
  • The Children's Society

    The Children’s Society are a national charity providing local projects to support thousands of young people suffering from hardship, abuse and neglect. We campaign to make sure their voices are heard and laws are changed to stop the mistakes of the past being repeated in the future. Our supporters share our outrage about what is happening to vulnerable children and join us to improve their lives.

    The Children's Society Upload
  • The Gorilla Organization

    The Gorilla Organization works with communities in central Africa to protect mountain and lowland gorillas from extinction. Its award-winning, community-led projects focus on frontline conservation and research efforts as well as tackling the root causes of habitat destruction, including poverty in the villages bordering the gorilla habitat.

    The Gorilla Organization Upload
  • The Key

    When young people feel held back, we’re the spark to ignite their passions. We inspire them through the power of possibilities. We fight against telling them what they should do and instead provide a framework to change the way young people look at their future. We promise to help them discover what they are capable of and build the determination and skills to do something meaningful with it.

    The Key Upload
  • The Wildlife Trust For Birmingham And The Black Country

    We work to transform the environment we live in, restoring, recreating and reconnecting wildlife-rich spaces across the urban areas in partnership with local communities. We want wildlife to thrive so that future generations can enjoy our natural heritage. And so that you and your family can enjoy it today.

    The Wildlife Trust For Birmingham And The Black Country Upload
  • Viking FM’s Cash For Kids

    Cash for Kids is the official charity of Viking FM & Magic 1161. Every year it raises hundreds of thousands of pounds for local children and young people who are suffering from abuse or neglect, who are disabled and have special needs, or who simply need extra care and guidance. All the money raised stays in Yorkshire & Northern Lincolnshire, helping when and where it is needed most.

    Viking FM’s Cash For Kids Upload
  • War Child

    Since 1993 War Child has been working in some of the world’s most dangerous places, helping children affected by the devastating consequences of war. We rebuild schools, reunite child soldiers with their families, help children made homeless by war and provide them with counselling and vocational training. We want to give all children affected by war a future free from poverty and violence.

    War Child Upload

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